What I do.


From a quick social media ad to a well researched video essay. With a growth hacking mindset I write scripts that buzz deep inside the market.

2d animation

Explainer videos, Smooth 2D Logo design & Animation,
Reusable templates,

Lottie files,
Intro/Outro for all channels,
Commercial animated ads


I have experience in making Video essays, Educational videos, Promotional videos, Music videos, Green screen editing with basic sound design and vfx.

Growth HAcking

I can launch your website, build custom landing pages, strategize marketing tactics, optimize SEO, increase conversion rates with better funneling and help your business with overall Growth.


Technical help

Stuck in a project ? You can also hire me as a filmmaking technician, where I'll help your team with assistance, creative ideas from staging, lighting, blocking, camera settings to final render of the project.

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Mob: +91 8770949388

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