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Hello !


I am a young freelance Creative Content Creator (Video Editor+ 2D Motion Designer), Growth Hacking and Marketing Enthusiast from Bangalore (IT engineer by mistake). Skilled with Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Illustrator), cinematography and some writing skills - I have created various visual content end to end such as:

  • Educational explainer videos

  • Commercial, Promotional ads

  • Music Videos

  • Intro/Outros

  • Product explainer videos

  • Logo Animation

Specialized in Creating Educational Videos, Social Media Ads, Promotional Videos, Intro/Outro, MoGrt Templates, GIF/ Lottie animation. I can also help you build your website in a matter of days.


I love learning. Apart from my usual work, I have also applied myself in launching digital courses created by educators, coaches and EdTech leaders. It gave me hands on opportunity to learn digital marketing, website building, landing page optimization, ad creatives, sales automation, CRM and running ad campaigns on major platforms like LinkedIn & Facebook. 

Services Offered

* Motion Graphics (Adobe After Effects)

* Advanced Video Editing 

* Simple VFX and SFX.
* Filmmaking Assistance 

* Growth Hacking 
* Building Websites & Landing Pages 

* Landing Page Optimization, SEO, CRM

All optimized within a budget ! (No hidden/overpriced big studio charges)
I am super easy to work with, feel free to reach me anytime.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 8770949388

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